Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver

Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver

Mechanical Clock 3D screensaver is an program wich will show a special clock

Ever wondered how a clock works? If you want to see all the "internals" just get this magnificent, realistic Mechanical Clock 3D screensaver wich will satisfy you'r passion for clock's. All mechanisms work in perfect sync. The clock shows real computer clock time.Are you tired of always having to see the time in the usual "digital format" of the PC clock in the tray?

With the Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver you will put a huge mechanical clock right on your screen!

This 18th century Swiss clock shows all the internal mechanisms of a real clock, working perfectly and giving you the time continuously.

The screensaver was created with the guidelines provided by professional clock masters, and has achieved a great realism that will keep you watching it for hours, if you have the time available! Probably you will be so absorbed by the smooth movement of the internal pieces that you will forget what you had meant to check the time!

As long as your PC clock has the correct time, the Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver will show you the right time too!

It doesn't require any complicated set up procedure. It is so beautiful and fascinating that it will keep you watching its hands giving you the time for hours!

If you set it up in a public computer it will surely attract the glances of the people around it. If you use it at home or in your office, it will, without any doubt, become the center of attention and will receive lots of praise from your co-workers.

This screensaver is shareware. After registration, you will get rid of the nag screen, and you will receive free technical support via e-mail and free upgrades to newer versions.

So download the Mechanical 3D Screensaver today and never ask for the time again!

Fernando Soni
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